Enjoy a brief boat ride to the Marietas Islands, keeping an eye out for dolphins, turtles, and manta rays along the way. Once you reach the islands, you enjoy the wildlife above and under the clear waters. Swim, snorkel, and paddleboard and capture the fun with GoPro® waterproof cameras. Th­is snorkeling tour is fun for all ages and the smaller groups allows us to cater to tour to the group's desires.

Unmatched Marine Life

Come see why Jacques Cousteau fell in love with these islands and started the movement to protect them.  As the premier scuba diving and snorkeling location in the bay, you'll have the opportunity to swim with more than 100 species of fish as well possible encounters with octopus, lobsters, rays, turtles and more - with colorful coral formations as your backdrop.

The Marietas Islands

Located just a few kilometers of Punta Mita, these islands. formed by volcanic activity during the Cretaceous period, were designated as a National Park in 2005. An important migratory bird sanctuary, they act as a refuge for at least 92 species of aquatic bird, including the colorful Blue-Footed Booby wich also nest in the famous Galapagos Islands.

Humback Whales

Seeing and hearing a Humpback whale breach 25 yards away from your boat is like no other experience. It is truly a jaw-dropping experience that should not be missed. During the winter months, you are likely to see whales during your ride to the islands. Our guides will work hard to locate the whales to add this experience to you already amazing day nature.