Sayulita and San Pancho

So close yet so far away – or so it seems. This private tour takes you north out of Vallarta and up and over the Sierra Madre Mountains to the funky-cool beach towns of Sayulita and San Pancho. You’ll enjoy a guided tour through these world-famous towns and delight in the local crafts, delicious foods and beautiful beaches. This is a great way to see more of the Vallarta area.


Deluxe Transport

Sit back and enjoy the scenic, yet brief, drive over the lush mountains to Sayulita and San Pancho. Accompanying you in your private van will be a professional guide with deep knowledge of the area and seasoned driver. Our modern, fully equipped vans have comfortable seating, air conditioning and are equipped with water and light snacks.


It´s Your Call

While your guide recommends a basic plan for the day, this is your day. If you care to stop at a roadside stand for a fresh, ice-cold coconut or to spend a little extra time shopping for the perfect gift, it is all up to you. With our private tours, we can tailor the day to your desires.


Sayulita - Mexico´s Most Famous Surf Town

World famous as a surfer’s retreat, Sayulita is also known for its arts and crafts and cool, relaxed vibe. This will be our first stop and we’ll walk the streets of this beautiful beach town to show you all its hidden treasures. Watch the surfers ride the waves from a table on the beach with a cold drink or walk the boutique-lined streets; you are sure to fall in love with this eclectic and enchanting community.


San Pancho - The Town with Two Names

San Pancho is so amazing they named it twice!! Also known as San Francisco, San Pancho is a mini Sayulita in a way. Just up the coast from Sayulita, San Pancho is a small and very beautiful seaside village with quaint shops and a beautiful beach. Your guide will take you around the village and walk you to the beach. San Pancho is so beautiful Mexican president Luis Echeverria built a home here in the 1970s and TV shows have been filmed all around town. 


Fine Food to Fish Tacos

You will have plenty of choices for snacks and lunch throughout the tour. Nibble your way thru the day by stopping for some tacos, ceviche, fresh oysters, grilled fish, homemade ice cream and more. Or ask the guide to point out some of the best restaurants around and enjoy a fine dining experience of freshly caught, local cuisine. You’ll be surrounded by delicious food throughout the day, so yours choices are endless.