Dolphin Trainer For A Day

If you love dolphins, or have ever thought about being a dolphin trainer, the adventure of a lifetime awaits you in Vallarta Mexico! Developed for people who want to learn more about training marine mammals, our Trainer for a Day program gives you the chance to spend an exciting day working beside our dolphin trainers at our dolphin center in Nuevo Vallarta.

Part of the team

As an active member of our team of marine mammal experts, you'll be in close contact with our family of Pacific Bottlenose dolphins - both in the pool and poolside - throughout the day

Learning feeding & behavioral training techniques

From feeding and behavioral training techniques to participating in the Dolphin Encounter and Swim with Dolphin programs, you'll learn the basic skills of caring for and training dolphins as you assist our trainers in every aspect of their work

Behind the Scene

By actively participating in the daily efforts that are involved in the training and care of our dolphins, you'll get a closer look at the fascinating world of marine professionals. To ensure you enjoy an up-close and personal experience with our dolphins, our Trainer for a Day Programs are limited - so reserve a fun-filled, sun-filled, one-of-a-kind adventure for yourself or someone you love TODAY!