A Taste of Tequila

This exclusive tour takes you to the world-famous pueblo of Tequila, birthplace of Mexico's national spirit. You will visit Mundo Cuervo, the home of Cuervo tequila, and La Rojeña distillery, the oldest distillery in the Americas. You'll walk through the Reserva de la Famila cellar and immerse yourself in tequila's aromas and flavors as you enjoy a professional tasting.  Admire the stunning architecture of the hacienda Maestro Tequilero and beautiful garden of Los Limoneros. This is a great way to discover Tequila.


Tequila's Role in Mexican History

Get ready to enjoy a journey through Mexico's history and Jalisco most popular traditions.  On board a comfortable air-conditioned van, on the way to the magical town of Tequila, an expert guide will take you on an informative journey that will help you appreciate Mexican culture and the important role tequila has played at different periods of Mexico's past.

Jalisco Natural Beauty

From the very beginning of this adventure you will enjoy stunning landscapes-from a well-located viewpoint overlooking the breathtaking mountains of Tequila to the largest and most beautiful agave fields in Mexico, where your guide will explained how they sow, grow, water and harvest the blue agave plant, from which tequila is produced.

From the Ovens to the Barrels

All your senses will be delighted once in the Jose Cuervo Hacienda as you take in more than 250 years of history. Let the sweet, wooden smell guide you as you learn about the tequila manufacturing process-from the stone-built ovens where the agaves are slowly cooked, to the distillation room with its copper stills, to the thousands of oak barrels that are stacked in the aging halls of the silent and dark family cellar.

Professional Tequila Tasting

Silver, reposado, or anejo? Learn from a tequila expert in a session that will immerse you in the aromas, colors and flavors of tequila. You'll learn how the aging process and time influences the tequila's hue, body, and scent. You'll be amazed at how the essence of the agave plant can produce such a wide variety of characteristics. 

Three "Must Visit" Sites in Tequila

Los Limoneros Garden offers a gorgeous guided walk among fountains, flowers, fruit trees and ingenious sculptures.  La Fonda Cholula, next door to Hacienda Jose Cuervo, offers traditional Mexican dishes, fresh fruit water and typical salsas and delicious guacamole prepared right at your table.  Opposite to Mundo Cuervo is the beautiful stone, 17th-century Tequila parish church.