Private Luxury Sunset Sailing

Few things can match the feeling of watching a beautiful sunset from the peace and quiet of a luxurious sailboat. The setting creates the perfect backdrop for an evening with your private group. Enjoy views of Puerto Vallarta as you sail into the Bay of Banderas to enjoy the setting sun.

Sunset SailSailing Off into the Sunset

Vallarta's sunsets are some of the most breathtaking in the world. As the sun slowly fades into the Pacific Ocean, you are surrounded by the warm colors of the setting sun as they light up the sky and desert scenery.  

 Sea TurtleWatching for Whales

If you are lucky, which is very likely during the winter months, you will come across Humpback whales. These amazing animals spend the winter months in the warm waters off of Vallarta birthing their calves and looking for a mate. These awe-inspiring creatures truly are a site to see.

Wine and CheeseUnsurpassed Service

You won't have to worry about a thing on this Private Sunset Sail, just relax and enjoy yourself. Our attentive, service-oriented staff will be at your side taking care of everything. They'll prepare a delicious meal of canapés, all freshly made with the finest ingredients. And whether you prefer wine, soda, or tequila, they'll make sure your glass is always full as you enjoy the evening.